ROV Drill Cuttings Transport System (RCTS)

Use ROVs to revolutionize cuttings debris removal during drilling

Eliminate the need for any traditional system.

Modular System – ROV integrated skid or standalone ejector

The RCTS is a highly modular system. The main skid unit is attached underneath the ROV through a quick-connect mounting mechanism, enabling swift and flexible skid handling. The ROV can also pre-install the standalone ejector to the template slip-on flange interface and pre-lay the exhaust hose, thereby minimizing cost by optimizing rig time.

RCTS-Oceaneering (1)
ejector (1)

Adopting the RCTS provides the same functionality as traditional drill cuttings removal systems while requiring fewer crew members and less deck space.

Minimize topside and subsea footprint
Simplifies topside control and rigging
Reduces crew size
Watch the video to see how we efficiently remove cutting debris during drilling operations

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Gunnar Hilsen – Manager, Business Development