Limited Deck Space?

Reduce Topside Spreads and POB by using ROV-Integrated Technology and Onshore Control.

Crowded Deck Space

Untidy working area and minimal space for other activities.

Cost and Efficiency Issues

Increased cost for logistics, installation time and specialist operators.

Potential Safety Issues

Risk of emissions to environment, heavy lifting and travel

Drilling and Completion Technologies

Our new drilling and completion technologies provides increased productivity and efficiency, allowing you to lower your costs and achieve lasting success.

Reduce Topside Spreads by 80%
Reduce Deployment Time by 50%
Reduce POB by 75%
Reduce Rig Time

Optimize Your Rig Efficiency

Reduce topside spreads and POB by using ROV-integrated technology and onshore control.
50+ Years Operational Experience

We have an unmatched success record with decades of experience in some of the world’s most complex and demanding industries.

Design and Engineering

Our highly skilled engineering team develops technologies aimed at increasing the productivity and efficiency of your operations.

Integrated Solutions

In addition to providing fully integrated project management and engineering solutions, we cover your operations throughout the project lifecycle, with expertise every step of the way.


Want to make your rig more efficient and flexible? Please contact me for insight and discussion. I will reply within 1 business day.

Gunnar Hilsen – Manager, Business Development