Move From Topside Equipment Spreads to ROV Power and Control

Reduce Cost

Reduce shipment, operational time, large topside spreads and personnel on board.


Increase Efficiency and Flexibility

Eliminate topside footprint and simplify control, rigging and operations.


HSE Benefits

Reduce emissions, travel, logistics and heavy lifting.

Our SMART and LEAN ROV intervention solutions offer increased productivity and efficiency, and help reduce emissions, personnel needs and deck space.

Apply ROV-Mounted Workover Control Systems to Achieve More Flexible and Effective XT Installations.

IWOCS – Dual Guide Wires

The main components of the temporarily installed IWOCS system include an HPU, electric downline (subsea extension cord), a thermoplastic hydraulic umbilical, and deployment equipment.  The system shown above can be deployed and retrieved independently from the marine riser.

Features and Benefits

  • Not as affected by currents
  • For older rigs, this may be the best IWOCS option
  • Dual guide wires is a time-proven reliable method
  • Rig-based or Multi-service vessel based
  • Adaptable for other applications such as jumpers and manifolds

RWOCS – A reliable and value added solution

Eliminate the need of traditional IWOCS equipment with the SMART ROV-mounted Workover Control System (RWOCS), which delivers fluids to any subsea infrastructure with a tie-in point, from manifolds and pipelines to PLETs and trees. With RWOCS, a complete IWOCS system is packed into a compact format that can be mounted and operated by the ROV.

Features and Benefits (compared with traditional IWOCS)

  • Reduces topside footprint on rig/vessel by 100%
  • Reduces POB
  • Eliminates mobilization of large topside spreads and related heavy lifting and rigging
  • Reduces HSE risks
  • Reduces cost
  • Multi-use applications for installation of trees, manifolds, and jumpers
  • Faster mobilization and deployment of equipment
  • Designed to function with multiple OEM tree designs
  • Can be delivered as a standalone system
  • Operation can be combined with remote ROV piloting from shore

Drill Cut Removal - A ROV Integrated Solution

Eliminating the need for any additional systems

The ROV Cutting Transport System combines ROV services and drill cut removal into one integrated solution eliminating the need for any additional systems onboard. Compared to traditional solutions, the same service is provided but with smaller crew and less deck space re​​quired.

50+ years operational experience

We have an unmatched success record with decades of experience in some of the world’s most complex and demanding industries.

Design and engineering

Our highly skilled engineering team develops technologies aimed at increasing the productivity and efficiency of your operations.

Integrated solutions

In addition to providing fully integrated project management and engineering solutions, we cover your operations throughout the project lifecycle, with expertise every step of the way.


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Bjørnar Helgen – Technical Solutions Lead