Problems with Leakages on XT and Manifolds?

It could be easier to fix than you imagine

A number of older fields are candidates for life extension.  The aging subsea systems in operation on these fields must be addressed.

Aging subsea components

Can you trust your aging subsea equipment?

Increased risk of pollution

Emissions from subsea installations will impact the environment.

Increased risk of operational downtime

Life extension increases the risk of failure and leakages, leading to potential downtime, if aging equipment is not addressed.

Our bespoke subsea repair solutions enables operation while maintaining production and system integrity.

With more than 250 skilled engineers and operational experts, our portfolio and experience enable us to solve planned and unplanned subsea repair projects, rapidly and cost effectively. Our track-record shows more than 800 jobs successfully completed on time and on budget.

We offer fully integrated project management and engineering solutions for all kinds of subsea repair projects:

  • Valves
  • Subsea Distribution Systems
  • Clamps and Connectors
  • Flanges
  • XT Applications
  • Manifolds and Structures
  • Control Lines
  • Risers and Umbilicals
  • Modifications and Conversions
  • Ad-hoc problem solving

Tell us your challenge, and we will partner with you to meet your project requirements.

Gunnar Ulland – Engineering Manager

Design, Fabrication and Testing in One Shop


250+ engineers to fully handle design, structural analysis, interfaces and system integrations for any subsea application.


Six Sigma-level workshop with in-house machining capabilities and highly skilled technicians.


State-of-the-art testing facilities for both subsea and topside equipment.

Service and Maintenance

Service, maintenance, repair and product storage for all type of subsea equipment.

Case study – Control Line Leak Repair

Oceaneering has shown that what seems impossible can be achieved through good engineering, an impressive tooling package, and with probably the best ROV crew we’ve ever seen.

Client statement after finalizing a leakage repair job


Severe leakage of water based control fluid in control line located below National-Coupler/Treecap on XT


– Limited visibility and complicated access

– Operating ROV manipulator near critical equipment on XT

– A high producing well, therefore extremely critical to avoid downtime


Oceaneering provided one primary and two backup solutions, all three with complete tooling suites. The primary solution that was chosen by the client involved re-tightening the fitting between the tubing and the National Coupler with bespoke tooling.

Oceaneering delivered a complete solution to the client in a fairly short time and completed the project with great success.


If you are interested in learning more or have questions, send me a message and I will reply within 1 business day.

Gunnar Ulland – Engineering Manager