Onshore Control

Move your operations from offshore to onshore

Reducing personnel onboard frees up bed space, simplifies logistics, and helps lowers operational risks to workers by keeping them onshore and cutting back carbon emissions.

From our strategically located Onshore Control Centers, all needed personnel have direct access to the offshore environment for critical operations.

ROV Pilots

Crew up with land-based ROV pilots when needed. Multiple operations can be supported simultaneously.

Offshore Specialists

SME's with advanced tooling and operational skills can assist during operations when required.

Client Representatives

Client representatives can actively engage and participate in operations.

24/7 Manned onshore support

The Onshore Control Centers enable remote location of personnel, specialists, customer representatives, and additional support to make the best use of time, mobilization cost, and expertise.

Real-time communications and visualization technology

Today, we support operations at a remote work site via 4G network, satellite or by use of fiber cable connectivity. Each configuration will have its own considerations based on the availability of telecommunication infrastructure in the area of operation.

4G network

Medium Bandwidth
Low Latency


Medium Bandwidth
Medium/High Latency

Fibre cable

High Bandwidth
Low Latency

Our onshore control center provides various manning benefits that our clients highly appreciates. We experience that many of our customer reps are present and watch the operations as they unfold, specially during complex operations.


Egil Egeland
Director ROV Europe


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Arve Iversen – ROV Operations Manager