Easily reduce your Personnel On Board (POB)

A fully onshore remote solution with 24/7 support, reducing mobilization costs and carbon footprint.


Time consuming planning of POB?

Limited bed capacity

Securing bed space for offshore workers is challenging and time consuming.

Unproductive stand-by time

Operational delays, weather conditions and lack of available helicopter seats could cause unproductive stand-by-time.

Extra personnel logistics

Unplanned mobilisation of people and extra helicopters generates additional work and is costly.

Don’t spend unnecessary time chartering transport and planning bed capacity!


Onshore Support, Offshore Flexibility

Remote ROV piloting, remote rig positioning, and remote inspections are just some of the cost and resource reduction services we provide from our Onshore Control Centers.

Our land-based experts and ROV pilots are available 24/7 to service your project needs.


Benefits by using our Onshore Control Center

Reduced POB

Crew up with land-based personnel when you need operational support.

Offshore flexibility

Avoid stand-by time by deploying the crew when you need them.

No travel

Reduce travel- and mobilization costs with up to 100%.


Do you want a demonstration of how you can easily reduce POB, or do you have any questions?

Please send me a message and I will reply within 1 business day.

Arve Iversen – ROV Operations Manager