Arve Iversen

ROV Operations Manager, Special Projects

Remote Piloting and Automated Control Technology (RPACT)

Remote Piloting

From anywhere in the world to any offshore ROV

Automated Control

Hands free piloting and manipulator control

With remote piloting, an infield, high-bandwidth wireless or satellite link is used so that an ROV, based on and deployed from an offshore vessel, can be piloted from a remote location. Subject Matter Experts or other pilots can be linked-in in the event of highly complex processes or technical procedures that require special knowledge.

Remote Connection Technology allows the use of multiple virtual connection technologies and potentially creates cost savings opportunities such as reduction and/or elimination of second shift crewing for low intensity operations.

Onshore Mission Support Center for use of RPACT Technology


“We experience a great interest in the Mission Support Center and the RPACT technology. These cost-saving initiatives are already important services in the contract with one of our major clients in Norway.”

Egil Egeland, ROV Manager Norway