Apply ROV-mounted Workover Control Systems to achieve more flexible and effective XT operations.

The traditional way


IWOCS – Dual guide wires
The new approach


RWOCS – A reliable and value added solution

ROV based Workover and Control System provides significant cost and schedule saving opportunities

Reduces crew size
Used on either a rig or a wessel
Multi-use for installation of trees, manifolds, and jumpers

Flexible RWOCS applications to optimize your operations

You can choose between the ROV-mounted or stand-alone RWOCS.

The ROV-mounted RWOCS has a fluid capacity of 80 gal. The stand-alone version benefits from an additional 150 gal of available topside-deployed fluid, and the ability to stay subsea for longer. The stand-alone system also frees up the ROV, enabling it to complete operations and further optimize efficiency.

Both versions are designed to function with multiple OEM tree designs and can be combined with Remote Piloting from shore.

We tailor our systems to meet your operational requirements and project timeline, offering both standalone and ROV-mounted configurations.

No heavy lifting or rigging
Reduced HSE risks
No umbilical required

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Gunnar Hilsen – Manager, Business Development