Reduce risk of Wellhead fatigue

BOP Tethering fully deployed and operated subsea, eliminating the need for large topside spreads.

Our ROV operated Wellhead Load Relief (WLR) system will mitigate wellhead fatigue by tethering a BOP to the existing template structure on the seabed, without requiring different sets of fixed length wire ropes.


Our WLR system is ideal for shallow water operations where heavy BOPs are used

All functions are ROV operated, removing the need for topside tether preparations. The WLR system can adjust to any length of tethers subsea, and adds the ability to wet store equipment.

Significant reduce rig time and costs spent on BOP tethering

Reduce topside spreads by 100%
Reduce deployment time by 50%
Reduce crew size by 75%

WLR system description

Our Wellhead Load Relief System consists of several winch units complete with wire rope,  parking columns and BOP clamps. The anchoring points can be the template structure, mud-mats or protection structure, depending on the existing infrastructure and type of well. The system is adaptable to different BOP designs.


Our complete WLR package consist of:
  • Dynamic tether calculations
  • Installation procedures
  • BOP clamps for tethers
  • Tensioning system (winches) with load monitoring
  • Operational support
  • Repair, maintenance and storage

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Gunnar Hilsen – Manager, Business Development